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About Us

Farm Family

There are so many great things about living and working on a farm but one of the best is how we can work together toward a common goal. 

 Agrow Max, LLC was founded and is managed by sibling duo Angela Remington and Frank Holtschlag. With farm and family in mind, the pair started the company as a way to explore emerging agricultural practices. The goal is to increase production in our operation and share the information with the greater farming community.  

We truly want to be your partner and help you reach your goals.

Meet the management team

Angela Remington


You know what they say, "You can take the girl off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the girl." Nothing could be more true for Angela! While she may live  in a suburb of Saint Louis, MO with her  family,  she's always  ready throw on a pair of steel-toes boots and jump into a tractor... but mostly she handles all the paperwork!  As our CEO of Business Operations, her goal is to help our clients identify ways to increase productivity  safely and efficiently. 

Frank Holtschlag


Frank is a man of many talents... like juggling! As President of Field Operations, he manages our client's projects while keeping up with life around the family farm.